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Whether you live in Florida or you are visiting, you need an experienced Florida criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and advocate for you if you are arrested. I represent clients in misdemeanor and felony criminal cases. A conviction may result in a large fine, community service, probation, or incarceration in a local jail or state prison. A conviction establishes a criminal record that could bar you from future employment, housing, and credit. A felony conviction will strip you of certain civil rights. Do not risk such consequences by proceeding without an experienced Florida criminal defense lawyer. If the accused is a juvenile, a conviction may be detrimental to their future, making it difficult to gain employment, attend college, enter the armed services, obtain student loans, and creates a blemish on their permanent record. Do not risk such consequences by proceeding without an experienced Florida criminal defense lawyer. I also handle a range of post-conviction matters such as violations of probation or community control, probation and community control modifications, and expungement and sealing criminal records. I have the expertise and trial experience to take your case and ensure that all necessary measures are taken to serve your best interests. For more information about our services and to make an appointment, contact me today at 386-253-0165.

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Mitchell G Wrenn
Attorney at Law

•DWI/DUI and traffic offenses.

•Drug Possession, Sale and Delivery, and Drug Trafficking.

•Serious Felonies including:

•Murder, Manslaughter, DUI Manslaughter.

•Kidnapping and False Imprisonment

•Sexual Battery and other Sex related offenses.

•Robbery and other theft related offenses.

•Misdemeanor offenses including:

•Driving related offenses

•Assaults and Battery

•Domestic Violence

•Worthless Checks

•Possession of Drug Paraphernalia